Ucka and Cicarija

In the area of Ucka and Cicarija there are a number of activities of which everyone can find at least one that is most interesting to them and try it out.

Drawn by the magical beauty of the interior of the Istrian peninsula, passionate fliers enjoy the charms of unspoiled nature.

Free climbing
Istria offers so far nine climbing sites: Zlatni rt near Rovinj, Lim Bay, Dvigrad, Istarske toplice, Raspadalica above Buzet, Vranjska draga near the Ucka tunnel, near Pazin, Mošcenicka Draga, Vintijan near Pula and Rabac.

Bearing in mind the rich underwater world, favourable winds and easily accessible coast, water sports in Istria are a must.

Hunting Tourism
Hunting, as a form of Istrian tourist offer, is very well developed. Row deer, common deer and fallow-deer, wild boars, rabbits, pheasants, Polish wheatears and rock partridges are grown on more than 240.000 hectares of hunting grounds.

In Istria there are 46 hunting grounds and 38 hunting societies, the members of which take care about a total of 42 hunting grounds and 13 hunting refuges. The four remaining hunting grounds are in private or public lease.

Sea Fishing
The Adriatic Sea is a paradise for both diving lovers and those who love fishing. If you want to engage in sport fishing during your holiday in Istria, you will need a license. Licenses are issued for sport angling, hand angling, line-fishery with up to 150 hooks, tuna hunting (and similar large fish) and speargun fishing.

The adventure of diving invite you to embark upon an adventure that will reveal all the underwater beauty of the Istrian peninsula – the abundance and diversity of its well-preserved plant and animal life, as well as its multitude of underwater walls and reefs, caves and shipwrecks.

Horseback Riding
Nature and adventure enthusiasts will certainly passionately ride and discover the beauties of natural and historical monuments of this unique Mediterranean pearl.

Did you know that golf is one of the oldest sports in history? There are plenty of places in Istria to try of practice your golf swing!

Istria is famous for tennis: there are around 430 tennis clay courts available to play on throughout the year.

With its rich and diverse tourist offer,Istria is ideal for hiking lovers because it provides many opportunities to explore the most beautiful trails.

Istria by bike
FROM THE NORTH TO THE SOUTH, from the eastern to the western Istrian coast, on nearly 2,600 kilometres spread the already plotted sixty bike trails. Istria County Tourist Board has published so far six brochures entitled “Istria Bike” with trails plotted in detail and descriptions of mostly circular tracks stretching on 1,500 marked kilometres. Other bike trails, yet to be plotted, have covered all Istria like a spider web.